• Customer agrees that the only work that will be provided on the day of the service will be the work specified in the service description in the estimate.

  • Any necessary repairs identified in the process of providing preventive maintenance services will be estimated separately and scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time for completion.

  • Other than professional licenses and certifications for the contractor for the service contracted, we are not responsible for obtaining any licenses, clearances or permissions that may be required as a precondition to working on the premises or you ordering or receiving the services, with the exception of remodel projects. 

  • If we agree to a scope of work, yet underestimate the time, we will ensure that the work gets completed, making every possible attempt to do so the same day, or will work with you to book another time at no additional charge. 

    • Exceptions are unforeseen circumstances like faulty electrical, plumbing, mold or other issues or defects that cannot be detected prior to the work commencing. Any additional time or charges will not be incurred without customer’s approval.

  • This does not apply to services that are booked by the hour. 

  • The customer is responsible for purchasing the necessary materials for the service order, unless otherwise agreed to and noted in the estimate.  Honeyman providers will carry some basic parts and materials in inventory not all, and cannot leave the job site should any materials be missing. If the work cannot be completed as a result, we will make our best attempt to secure the part on the same day to complete the work or return to do the work at another time. 

  • Service order hours cannot be assigned, transferred or sold to another customer.



  • The customer agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total invoice (see cancellation policy for more details) and hereby authorizes the placement of a hold for the remaining 50% on their credit card, which will be charged upon completion of the service.

  • Since we are making our best efforts to stay on schedule and provide the full amount of time allocated to everyone, we will provide a 15 minute grace period for customers who are not on time, and from there on will bill the entire amount of the session regardless of whether the work was performed or not. 

  • Should Honeyman not show up or cancel, the client has the right to reschedule the service order or cancel it and receive either a credit for future service orders or a refund of their deposit.



  • Please keep in mind that your cancellation may impact the pricing of the entire drive, therefore your 50% deposit is non-refundable. You may cancel up to 48 hours before the start of work on the property without penalty or additional charges. If you cancel after that you will be charged the full amount.

  • Honeyman can cancel your service order without any additional obligation if:

    • there are any hazardous or dangerous materials or conditions present at the premises, 

    • you prevent, obstruct or deny access to the premises or otherwise create conditions that prevent the contractor from performing the services,

    • you are delinquent in any payments due.

  • If there is an event or condition beyond Contractor’s reasonable control including acts of God, war, explosion, fire, hurricane, flood, civil disturbance or strikes, we may reschedule the service order at a mutually agreeable time.