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Paint Selection, Simplified

While standing in front of the color selector display at a paint store recently I was reminded of a book I read years ago: The Paradox of Choice. The premise is that when we have too many options to choose from, our ability to make decisions is inhibited. Doubt sets in. It can be paralyzing.

Just choosing a shade of white can be a challenge. And when you look at the trends in color, they are all over the map! If you aren't clear on which color to start with, it can be really stressful.

This entry therefore is intended to help you chose paint colors by breaking down how designers approach it, and create your own road map.

Getting started:

  • Create a color palette for your entire home. Don’t look at a wall, or even a room, in isolation. When the style varies a bit from one room to another, colors connect each space. This is especially important in homes with an open concept floor plan. Spaces flow into each other and fit together, making your whole home feel pulled together. Start with the colors that you know you love – you will be less likely to tire of them. Learn more about how to create your color palette here.

  • Think of the primary activity of each room you want to paint. Is it where you will relax, entertain, work? What kind of mood do you want to create? The color schemes that you choose should reflect that.

Monochromatic: modern and clean

Harmonious: next to each other on the color wheel – calm and relaxing

Complimentary: high contrast, opposite sides of the color wheel can give a space energy.

Color can have a huge impact on mood, and the feel of a space. Read more about the emotional effects of color here.

  • Take into account the colors already in your space. Unless you are starting from scratch, there are things that you are stuck with, like flooring. If your flooring has gold or yellow undertones, for example, go with colors that work with it.

  • How much light is in the space? Get samples of your color choices and see how they look in situ at different times of day. I love these huge peel and stick paint samples that you can order based on paint manufacturer and color.

Your wall color can be a focal point, but it can also be a canvas. Personally, I love white walls. You can make incredibly bold statements with art, area rugs and furniture selections too!

When you’re ready (or if you need help with your selections) we can get your paint job done for you, without the hassle.

Just choosing a shade of white can be a challenge. And when you look at the trends in color, they are all over the map!

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