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Four Things To Consider When Updating Your Flooring

Every day more options are available for flooring and floor finishes. You can decide on natural stone, porcelain tile, wood, terrazzo, vinyl, micro-cement or even epoxy. And the best part is, your budget need not limit your imagination!

The big challenge is making the appropriate choice. So here are some things to think about as you dream of new floors.

1.What look and feel do you want?

The good news is that you can get the look you want at many different price points. That wood look is available in hardwood, engineered wood, porcelain tile AND in vinyl. There are almost as many options for stone, and they look amazingly authentic.

Of course, when you walk barefoot on the floor you will feel the difference between real stone and vinyl, or real wood and porcelain. Stone and tile will be colder, wood less so, and vinyl will feel and sound different when you walk on it.

Micro-cement is on trend as of late, allowing you the minimal and industrial look of poured concrete. But you can also achieve this with large format porcelain tiles that look just like concrete.

The dimensions and format of the flooring will impact the perception of size of a space. The larger the tile, the larger the space will feel. Bear in mind though, particularly when it comes to tile, the larger the format the more expensive it is to handle and install.

2.Will it be installed in a high moisture area?

You could argue that living in Miami equals living in high humidity and moisture. But ultimately, laying a high-priced hardwood floor in a bathroom or a kitchen where there is plenty of water poses the potential for water damage whether you live in the tropics or in a desert. The better option in those spaces: stone, tile or vinyl.

When you are putting flooring in wet or outdoor areas, you also need to ensure that what you select will not be slippery.

3.Do you want low-maintenance flooring?

Wood and stone flooring are gorgeous, but they require significantly more work, and will need to be refinished from time to time. Vinyl and tile are easier to maintain. In the case of tile, however, choose your grout (and grout line width) wisely, as it can become stained. Once it does, it’s hard to make it look new again. This can be particularly important when you have children and pets.

4.What is your budget?

There are floors for any style, color palette and budget. When you make your selection, make sure that you know both the cost of the material itself and the installation costs. Luxury vinyl installation is inexpensive, not to mention that it can be applied on top of existing flooring. Most other materials will require demolition of the existing flooring, which is costly, and in addition to the cost of preparing the surface and laying the product.

If you are considering redoing your floors, call us for a free consultation. We can help you find the right look at the right price for you and your family.

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