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Honey Hours
(Handyman Hours)
Everyone has a to do list. Or as   we call it, the “HONEY-DO” list.  
noun_Double-Hung Window_537710.png
Sliding Door Maintenance
Do your sliders screech, 
get stuck, or jump their tracks?
Shutter Maintenance
It only takes one window to blow 
out to create catastrophic damage.
Remodel Management 
Success with less stress! 
Painting / Drywall Repair
It’s amazing what a
coat of paint can do.
Plumbing Maintenance

Take care of your pipes to avoid costly repairs or water damage.

AC  Maintenance
If your A/C  is going to break,
it will do so when it’s the hottest.
What you don’t know CAN hurt you. 

  Coming soon...

Check back often for new services,
or feel free to suggest below!