December 3, 2020
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We have a Covid baby in the family: my daughter had her second child on February 29th (a leap baby to boot!). Sadly, we haven’t met her yet since our plans to travel San Francisco soon after the birth were sidelined by the pandemic.  


However, I am holding out hope that we will get a visit in the near future of now 9-month-old Eliza and her big sister Clara.  Considering how long it’s been since she’s seen us in person, we’re lucky that Clara acknowledges us over facetime, if ever so briefly.   She’s super funny and smart, full of energy and of course gets into EVERYTHING. Eliza on the other hand is almost crawling, and always smiling!


Optimist that I am, I’ve begun researching babyproofing to get our home ready for them.  In the process, I learned that baby proofing needs vary wildly based on the age of the child.  A crawler faces very different dangers vs. a toddler. So now I have 2 lists.  They are long, and it’s overwhelming. 


If you find yourself in the same boat, here are some lists that can help you make your home safe, whatever the age of your little one is:



From covering your power outlets to creating the perfect nursery, Honeyman has you covered. We can remove the hassle of:

  • Assembling that annoying crib that comes in a million pieces

  • Painting your walls the perfect shade of baby pink or blue (or neutral gray or yellow)

  • Putting up gates to keep your baby safe, and so your entire home doesn't become a playground

  • Installing latches for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and toilets

  • Hanging the perfect gallery wall to show off your newborn

  • Installing secured wiring for your baby monitor

  • Hanging blinds so your baby can nap any time of the day

  • Customizing the closet for baby clothes

       And more.

Kids come with a gigantic to-do list, whether you’re expecting one of your own or if you are expecting a visit, Honeyman is here to help.


Baby proofing needs vary wildly based on the age of the child.  A crawler faces very different dangers vs. a toddler.


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