Our Manifesto




The place where you grew up.

The place you raise your children.

Where you want to grow old with your significant other.

A testimony to your hard work and accomplishments.

A safe haven.

A sanctuary.

Where you gather your family and friends.

A place to build memories.

A place to build future wealth.


No matter what home means to you, your home is a very important part of your life. 


Taking care of your home is a lot of work. Getting the help that you need to do preventative maintenance or to get that long To-Do list done is not easy. 

Hiring contractors is complicated, unpredictable and expensive.


Finding the right one, knowing you are paying the right price, that you are getting what you need and not being sold extra stuff, and scheduling it and getting it done is difficult.  


Yet regular maintenance is critical  - not only to continue to build the value of your home, but also avoid costly emergencies, and keep it a safe and healthy environment for your family. Preventative maintenance will always save you big money in the long term. 


At Honeyman Home Services we make preventative home maintenance easy and affordable. We give you the knowledge and support you need to take the best possible care of your home.   We help you understand the potential issues in your home. We find quality service providers at affordable prices, and make it easy to plan and schedule the work.


Honeyman makes home maintenance affordable because we bring homeowners and contractors together at scale.  We drive down costs and attract quality providers by bringing groups of neighbors together to address specific maintenance needs, taking advantage of volume discounts.

We guarantee quality because we vet our service providers, supervise their work, and ask our community to rate them. If you’re not happy with the work, we’ll go back and fix it.

It’s easy because we:

  • engage your community to drive volume

  • have an easy to use scheduling system 

  • give you upfront and transparent pricing 

  • work with your building to coordinate schedules and meet their requirements 

  • manage all of the paperwork, so you don’t have to.   


Through our portal you can take advantage of our offers for AC maintenance, shutter and sliding glass door maintenance, plumbing maintenance, painting, drywall patch up and other services. We inspect your home to make sure that it is up to date, detect issues and fix them before they become real problems. 


Or, you can book affordable Honeyman Hours – a handyman at your door that will take care of all of the stuff that’s been on your honey-do list for months!


Give your home some love.  Honeyman is here to help, with sweet deals for your home.

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Cynthia McFarlane & Aleksandra Baucal Karavias

Queen bees (founders)

Cynthia and Aleksandra met when they both got involved with the condo association that serves the community where they live.  They share a passion for architecture and home design. The difficulties that they (and most condo residents in Miami) encountered in finding quality and affordable contractors in their community led them to the idea of Honeyman, a service that enables condo owners to come together to attract better contractors at reduced prices, so that homeowners can easily obtain the preventive home services that they need, and create the home environments that they dream of.  


Aleksandra is a Realtor, Property Manager and Mom originally from Serbia who fell in love with Miami when vacationing here and swore she would eventually live here.  When she sets her sights on something - she always makes it happen.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandra-baucal-karavias/


Cynthia is a marketing and advertising professional who has lived in Miami for over 20 years.   After (too many!) years of traveling for business and treating the city that she loves like an airport, she's thrilled to be able to focus on a business that keeps her home.   https://www.linkedin.com/in/cynthia-mcfarlane/